Thanks to the investment and applied scientific and technological right direction in recent years, the mechanics are developing quite impressive, not only satisfy the needs of industry but also main export push , open new markets for mechanics Vietnam

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has collaborated with the Group of Small Business in Korea seminar Develop Agriculture in Vietnam. This conference is the opportunity for investors to learn Korean market in agriculture in accordance with purchasing power and production conditions in Vietnam

"We do not have sufficient means to test the mechanical products meeting the standard. This is alarming is a lot of businesses (enterprises) in the IZ-EPZ technology machines have been used, even to nullity of the country. Thus economic efficiency is not high, but state environmental pollution more serious. However, we still lack the enterprises manufacturing and precision machinery, manufacturing parts, machinery for the textile industry - apparel, leather - shoes. Lack of modern factories, main center for the professional and modernization "- Vu Van Hoa, Head of IZ-EPZ TPHCM said.

Each year mechanics Vietnam produced over 500 product categories with a total volume of several thousand tons. However, the mechanical products are mainly processed goods, value low.

"Standards are a technical document by an organization authorized to promulgate the rules and guidelines are voluntary application of the characteristics of the product, process or method" - Ts Steven.R.Wilson. "Standards" document is the technical and economic management, technology and environment in the agreement, accepted a voluntary on-scale national, regional and international. "Standard and" is a set of activities on research building standards, common standards applied in the production and standards of technical, environmental and economic management, technical.

The competitiveness of the mechanics of Vietnam is not high. When Viet Nam in the international economy, the protection the fence is annulled, the mechanics will be difficult.